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forjakesake asked:
like you, i also admire suits and poetry. anyways, recently i've felt like my writing is absolutely horrendous. it gets so bad that i tell myself to stop writing as i am bringing sham to the wonderful thing that is poetry. i reckon i should keep writing to get better but i don't even know how to set out my poems. got any advice for a young man who wants nothing more than to write verses which make people feel?

Lol I think everyone feels that at some point in time. Mostly happens to me if I feel like I’m forcing a poem. My advice is to write what you know and be honest. People will only feel what they can relate to. You also learn writing styles by reading other people’s work or listening to spoken word artists, it may be intimidating but it will make you want to be better.

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"My eyes are heavy
not heavy enough
To outweigh the cup
Of coffee
Working overtime
To keep me awake

Your heart is heavy
not heavy enough
For me to see
That I keep you
Up at night,
That you’re exhausted
with me
you won’t,
quit. “

Anonymous asked:
You're awesome man. I have a number of pieces that I would like to show you and I would like your input as well... if that's okay with you.

Thank you! And yes that’s fine with me, you can email them to me, ftaiwo@icloud.com



I thought about your hands today

and its firm grip around my very tiny waist.

I thought about your words to me

and the depth its rhythm reached within me

I thought about your voice today 

about the goose bumps it always started

I thought about your lips today 

and how it would’ve worshiped my body

I thought about your face today 

and the look it had when i had to leave 

I thought about you today

about that night that never happened. 

When did parents
Have to rise
to the alarms of bullets
bouncing off walls
doubling as snooze buttons
silencing voices
Of their young
Barely old enough
to pledge allegiance
to leaders who see them
as bait.